Parametrization of an Orbital-Based Linear-Scaling Quantum Force Field for Noncovalent Interactions

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation vol. 10  p. 1086-1098  DOI: 10.1021/ct401035t
PMID/PMCID: PMC3985928 Published: 2014-03-11 

Timothy J. Giese [ ] , Haoyuan Chen, Ming Huang, Darrin M. York [ ]

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We parametrize a linear-scaling quantum mechanical force field called mDC for the accurate reproduction of nonbonded interactions. We provide a new benchmark database of accurate ab initio interactions between sulfur-containing molecules. A variety of nonbond databases are used to compare the new mDC method with other semiempirical, molecular mechanical, {\em ab initio}, and combined semiempirical quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical methods. It is shown that the molecular mechanical force field significantly and consistently reproduces the benchmark results with greater accuracy than the semiempirical models, and our mDC model produces errors twice as small as the molecular mechanical force field. The comparisons between the methods are extended to the docking of drug candidates to the Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 2 protein receptor. We correlate the protein-ligand binding energies to their experimental inhibition constants and find that the mDC produces the best correlation. Condensed phase simulation of mDC water is performed and shown to produce O-O radial distribution functions similar to TIP4P-EW