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Emily L. Atieh


Position: Graduate Researcher
Rutgers University - B.A. Chemistry (2013), Rutgers University - Ed.M. Physical Science Education (2015)
Email: emily.atieh[at]rutgers.edu
Office: CIPR-308

About Me:

I am a Ph.D. student pioneering the new Chemistry Education Research program (CER) at Rutgers University. I work within the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, but I also collaborate with other departments and am an alumni of the Graduate School of Education. In my time as a graduate student, I have coordinated the Teaching Internship (TI), an undergraduate peer instruction program in chemistry, where I was responsible for providing instructional training. This program is part of a larger program that I created in 2015, called the Certificate in Chemistry Education program. This 9-credit undergraduate program combines a formal pedagogy course that I developed and teach, the TI program, and an undergraduate lab TA program.
My research interests include these peer instructors and the General Chemistry students that they work with. I am conducting three long-term, mixed-methods studies on the TI/certificate programs that focus on evaluating the benefits received by the peer instructors themselves, with regard to three variables: learning attitudes, teaching behaviors/beliefs, and metacognition. Two collaborative side projects focus on the General Chemistry students themselves. The first is a quantitative study on the chosen study methods of first-year chemistry students and the factors that influence their decisions. The second is a mixed-methods analysis of unstructured, multi-step problems for use in General Chemistry as a means of developing students’ planning skills. General Chemistry sees high rates of attrition traditionally, which disproportionately affects female and underrepresented students. By knowing more about students' interactions with the various aspects of a course, we can tailor our methods as instructors and create equitable classroom policies.


Through the Looking CLASS: When Peer Leader Learning Attitudes Are Not What They Seem

(2020) 97, 2078-2090
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.0c00129
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Creation of Academic Social Networks (ASNs) for Effective Online eLearning Communities

(2016) Chapter 9, 109-126
ISBN: 12345
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