Abir Ganguly wins Best Poster at the Rutgers Postdoctoral Symposium!

Abir highlighted his research at the 9th Annual Rutgers Postdoc Symposium, winning "Best Poster" for his presentation titled "Catalysis in Varkud Satellite Ribozyme." It focused on investigating the dynamical structure and catalytic mechanism of the Varkud satellite ribozyme, a catalytic RNA which happens to be by far the largest of the nucleolytic ribozymes. The study was carried out using a variety of advanced computational methods, some of which have been either recently developed or are under active development in the group, that are specifically tailored to study RNA systems. Augmented reality was used to visualize the tertiary structure of the ribozyme and its active site during various stages of the catalytic reaction.

The symposium was held on Friday April 13th, and featured keynote speaker Dr. Adam Ruben - a scientist, writer, and comedian. It is organized by the Rutgers Postdoctoral Association (PDA).

Abir showing off his augmented reality technology at his poster! 

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