Major Changes to Rutgers General Chemistry Course - First Page Headlines!

Changes to the overall structure of the Rutgers University general chemistry course have been implemented over the past two semesters, amid the "General Chemistry Problem." This problem refers primarily to the high rate of dropping or failing of the class as a whole. Course coordinator, Dr. Darrin York, has made it his mission to combat the underlying issues, which have included the creation of an online software for the purposes of recitations, office hours, and review sessions. This has resulted in greater student participation, higher attendance rates for recitation, and the ease with which students may attend the review sessions/office hours, which has proved particularly helpful for commuters and students on other campuses.

These changes have attracted the attention of many, both within the university and outside. Recently, three popular New Jersey newspapers have featured an article detailing some of the changes and student opinions: the Star Ledger, which made first page, the Bergen Record, and the Herald News. To read the full article, please click here, or open one of the files listed below:

General Chemistry Professor Paul Kimmel lecturing in Beck Hall, Rutgers University