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Ming Huang Successfully Defends Thesis!

Ming Huang successfully defended his thesis on August 4, 2014, graduating from the graduate program in Scientific Computation.

Faculty Honored for Teaching, Research, Service, and Diversity Initiatives

Members of the university community who have made outstanding contributions in the classroom, to their disciplines, or for the benefit of the community or world were honored during a May 7 reception at the Rutgers Visitor Center.

Ming's Sugar Pucker Profile Paper Featured on April Cover of JCTC!

A graphic from the York Group paper "Improvement of DNA and RNA Sugar Pucker Profiles from Semiempirical Quantum Methods" has been featured on the April cover of the Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation.

Major Changes to Rutgers General Chemistry Course - First Page Headlines!

Changes to the overall structure of the Rutgers University general chemistry course have been implemented over the past two semesters, amid the "General Chemistry Problem." This problem refers primarily to the high rate of dropping or failing of the class as a whole. Course coordinator, Dr. Darrin York, has made it his mission to combat the underlying issues, which have included the creation of an online software for the purposes of recitations, office hours, and review sessions.

High Achiever Recognition Ceremony

Dr. Darrin York will be the keynote speaker at the High Achiever Recognition Ceremony, sponsored by the Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences.

Publication: "Parametrization of an Orbital-Based Linear-Scaling Quantum Force Field for Noncovalent Interactions"

This paper marks the second major milestone in the development of a new linear-scaling force fields for mutliscale modeling applications

Darrin York's Talk at the Gordon Research Conference

Dr. Darrin York will be giving a talk on Wednesday the 5th, on "Calculations of Kinetic Isotope Effects as a Tool to Probe Phosphoryl Transfer Reactions Catalyzed by Enzymes and Ribozymes."

Nobel Prize Winner Martin Karplus was Advisor to Three CCB Faculty

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013 was awarded jointly to Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt, and Arieh Warshel "for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems".

20 Years of PME: Symposium Honoring Professor Darrin York, Tom Darden, and Lee G Pedersen

2013 year marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first "Particle-mesh Ewald" (PME) paper, which initiated the use of so-called "Fast Ewald" methods in simulations. These methods have computational costs that scale proportionally (linearly) with the size of the molecular system, and for the first time allowed very large macromolecular systems to be simulated stable on long time scales.

Professor Darrin York honored with SAS Award for Distinguished Contribution to Undergraduate Education

Professor Darrin York was one of ten faculty members honored this week with the SAS Award for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education. These awards are presented to faculty members within the School of Arts and Sciences who are recognized for their accomplishments in the area of undergraduate education, both within and beyond the classroom.