Emily L. Atieh

Graduate Researcher
Joint CCB/Chemical Education Research (CER)
Rutgers University - B.A. Chemistry (2013)
Rutgers University - Ed.M. Physical Science Education (2015)
emily.atieh [at] rutgers.edu
About Me: 

I am a graduate student pioneering the new Chemistry Education Research program (CER) at Rutgers University. I work within the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, but I also collaborate with the Graduate School of Education. Every semester, thousands of students enroll in some form of General Chemistry, and many of them struggle to truly grasp the concepts that are taught. My interests mainly include curriculum development and evaluation. My goal is to learn how to present chemistry, such that it is not only effective at getting students to understand the material, but that will also encourage them to continue on in the STEM fields. I have taught numerous courses in chemistry, physics, and education, and I aim to focus on my own professional development throughout my degree. Still, my main interests are in continuing my research and working towards creating and improving undergraduate chemistry curricula. Simultaneously, I also aim to be able to apply what I learn from computational chemistry to develop novel ways to help students visualize chemistry.