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Isotope effect analyses provide evidence for an altered transition state for RNA 2'-O-transphosphorylation catalyzed by Zn2+

Shuming Zhang, Hong Gu, Haoyuan Chen, Emily Strong, Edward W. Ollie, Daniel L. Kellerman, Danni Liang, Masaru Miyagi, Vernon E. Anderson, Joseph A. Piccirilli, Darrin M. York, Michael E. Harris
Chem Commun (Camb). (2016) 52, 4462-4465
DOI: 10.1039/C5CC10212J
PMCID: PMC4916458

Solvent D2O and 18O kinetic isotope effects on RNA 2′-O-transphosphorylation catalyzed by Zn2+ demonstrate an altered transition state relative to specific base catalysis. A recent model from DFT calculations involving inner sphere coordination to the non-bridging and leaving group oxygens is consistent with the data.

Research Areas: RNA Folding, Structure, and Catalysis

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