Ming Huang

Past Member
Scientific Computation
Beijing Normal University - B.Sc. Applied Chemistry and Computer Science (2004)
huangming [at] biomaps.rutgers.edu
About Me: 

My research interest mainly focuses on development of theoretical models and software implementation. Current and previous research projects include:

  1. Improvement of sugar pucker description in semi-empirical methods
  2. Linear free energy relationships in RNA transesterification
  3. Insight Into semi-empirical model design based on benchmark database
  4. A molecule and mechanism database to train and test theoretical models for RNA catalysis
  5. Design and implementation of a software package, ShellPy, to interface multiple computational chemistry softwares
  6. A general-purpose interface for geometry optimization library, DL-Find
  7. A pseudo atom model to deal with QM/MM bonded boundary problems in RNA simulation

In addition, I am also interested in artificial intelligence, especially machine learning. The completed projects in this field are:

  1. Reconstruction of a functional transcriptional regulatory network with Bayesian Networks
  2. Application of Artificial Bee Colony Programming to Symbolic Regression